Monday, April 22, 2019

Some Newish Bylines Just to Prove I'm Alive

OK, so for a couple of years I was writing business proposals and project reports, so I didn't really have anything to share. Honestly, I didn't mind this blog getting stale because the Aerosmith story post looks so cool.

I had a couple of short stories accepted, but in one case the story hasn't come out yet and in the other case I'm pretty sure the journal folded.

I did some marketing work as well—one project was really, really cool, but I don't think I'm supposed to out myself publicly as part of the creative team, so I won't. (But, seriously, really cool. We can talk about it offline.)

And, as promised, here are some bylines so people know I'm alive:

Matador Joins Spielberg, Lucas, Stan Lee as Comic-Con Award Recipient

Young Alum Catapults from CSUN to Launching Navy Jets

CSUN Alumna’s Research Helps Students with Disabilities Worldwide