Friday, October 22, 2010

In memory of Casey Ehmsen

I heard some sad news today: Casey Ehmsen, my co-worker from my days at the News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown, Ky., died unexpectedly this week.

The editor at the paper he was working for, the Greeley Tribune, wrote a nice column about his exceptional work on the copy desk.

I was actually just thinking about Casey the other day. I was thinking about the Saturday I had to cover Lincoln Days, a celebration of Abe Lincoln in Hodgenville, and Casey was working the desk that night. The newspaper had reserved the space for a short story--15 inches or so. But when we got there, Neal Cardin (the photographer) and I decided it should be a 50-inch feature on Lincoln impersonators. Casey not only let us do it, but he was excited about it, and made it look cool.

Not every copy desk chief would be on board for that. It meant more design work for his staff, and I know pushed deadline writing a story that otherwise could have been finished in the morning. I think that story shows Casey's enthusiasm for trying to do cool things for his readers.

He will be missed.