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Zombie, Anthrax shake Roberts Stadium rafters

Posted July 19, 2006 at midnight (from the Evansville Courier & Press)

Rob Zombie is a sick man.

And I'm not even talking about the anime porn, Charles Manson footage and B-movie horror clips he broadcast at his show Tuesday in Evansville.

The campy horror rocker, who was here promoting his album "Educated Horses," announced that he was feeling terrible and that he was on TheraFlu. His (speaking) voice was a little raspy, so he turned over some of the vocal chores to a crowd of almost 2,800.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have known anything was wrong. He moved around the stage like a pro rocker should, even dancing with a 12-foot-tall giant robot, and hit all his career highlights in a show that was about 90 minutes long.

Kicking things off were thrash pioneers Anthrax, touring with the reunited lineup that brought us 1987's album "Among the Living." Zombie and Anthrax mine some of the same territory lyrically - horror stories and comic books, for starters - but their sounds take different highways to hell.

Zombie is creepy in a goofy way. His intro music was the piano theme from the horror movie "Halloween," which he plans to remake next year. His music is Southern rock as played by the family in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

The crowd, half of which was camped on the stadium's concrete floor, knew his whole catalogue, from "Thunderkiss '65" and "More Human Than Human" from his old White Zombie days to his more recent solo stuff, such as "Demon Speeding" and "Foxy, Foxy."

He got to rest his voice during his cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" - the crowd had that one covered.

Zombie said he was so ill that he has basically holed up in the Mariott Hotel for the last couple of days. But don't worry too much - he said he plans to live until somebody creates a robot replacement body that he could put his brain in. He told the kids that should be their goal, too.

The verses for both bands were sometimes hard to make out in the stadium, but that's OK; the best hardcore rock relies on earth-shaking grooves, and these guys had those in shovelfuls.

Anthrax thrashed through a furious hourlong set of elephant-stampede drums, airstrike rhythm guitars and sonic boom solos. The self-proclaimed "no-hit wonders" had a bag of fan favorites, including "Indians," "I Am the Law" and "Antisocial."

They finished with "Bring the Noise," their groundbreaking collaboration with Public Enemy, and guitarist Scott Ian (the guy with the raccoon goatee on various VH1 shows) implored the crowd to "give every last ounce" and "leave your feet"-and they stopped playing until everyone did.

"This isn't ... church," Ian said.

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