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This 'Dog" hot on the scent of salvation

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Date: Thursday, August 16, 2007 Section: Features Page: D1 Edition:
Source: JACOB BENNETT, Courier & Press staff writer
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How's this for a motivator? Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman said he can't retire until he captures his profession's biggest prize: Osama bin Laden.

Chapman, star of the A&E network's top-rated "Dog the Bounty Hunter," will speak Monday at The Centre in Evansville. A convicted felon and born-again Christian, Chapman is an experienced motivational speaker: He used to tour with self-help guru Tony Robbins as a bad convict turned good (in addition to more than a dozen arrests for burglary, Chapman spent two years in prison for being an accessory to murder after a fellow gang member shot a man during a drug deal gone bad).

He phoned the Courier & Press last week from New York City, where he was promoting his new book, "You Can Run But You Can't Hide." It was just a few days after charges against him were dropped in Mexico, stemming from his star-making capture there in 2003 of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, a fugitive convicted of 86 counts of rape.

He talked about turning your life around, making up for past sins, and taking down the FBI's most wanted man.

What do you want people to get out of your speech?A lot of people go through challenges. They get divorced; they get fired from their jobs; they get arrested for something they did do or didn't do; hooked on drugs; they're negative; they don't know how to speak to their bosses, their wives, their kids. I want (to help) every single person in the room. A lot of guys say “if I could help just one guy out of that 1,000 people ...” I want 999 to be helped because I know at least one of them will be wanted.

Do you think that years of good deeds can make up for past sins?I hope that, brother. I hope that the score is even. Through the people of society and, of course, through God, I hope that I'm even. I'd like to get way ahead of the game. Once the Mexico thing was dropped, (catching a man convicted of) 86 counts of rape, I think that made the score even. But I want to get ahead now. Onward, Christian soldiers.

For someone who loves his job as much as you, will it be hard to retire?
I'm the kind of guy who will die with his boots on. I don't want to retire. There's one big, big, big fish out there. Uncle Bin. I'm waiting on the phone to ring. I don't think I'll retire until at least then.

You think you could catch Osama Bin Laden?
Absolutely, 100 percent, guaranteed. I wouldn't put a time limit on it because that would be stupid. But I guarantee you I could catch that guy. Or I could train the troops in America to be able to catch him.

I don't know if I could be the one, in our business it's called "laying of the hands on him," I'm not sure of that, but I would be very instrumental in the capture. I'm just waiting for an offer. I'm waiting for them to say, "Dog, would you be interested?" and I'm going to say, "Absolutely."

I get tips right now. Yesterday I got a tip. I've got a lot of criminals from that area that have been calling saying, "Are you going to chase him? Are you going after him? I might know where he's at." That's usually what happens. The criminal side starts calling before the good side does.

"Uh-oh, who's looking. We don't care if the cops are, you'd better make sure Dog is not. He won't give up."

It could take a while. It could be quick. I would not come back without him. It could be the end of my career, I could lose my life, but you got to die anyway. That is a hell of a legacy, brother. If he's No. 1 wanted, I want him.

That would be a good ending for your show, wouldn't it?
Wouldn't it, brother?

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